Experienced in C++, C#, Level Design, Source Engine, Unity, Unreal 4, and more

Portal: Outside Influence

Portal: Outside Influence

Fully-licensed third-party Portal game
Explore a broken and crumbling world of science and danger, uncovering the stories of those who fought to protect it before the fall. Featuring an all-new story, mechanics, art, sound and a heavily modified Source Engine. Coming soon to Steam for PC, Mac and Linux.
Portal: Skyline

Portal: Skyline

Prize-winning mod for Portal
Solve a series of puzzles aboard the Aperture Air Testing Facility using the new Energy Conservation Cube. Won the GameBanana 2014 High Altitude level design contest.
Reclamation for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Reclamation for CS:GO

Map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
A fearsome battle inside the clogged-up baggage and parcel delivery systems of Blue Mesa Airlines Terminal 5 in both Competitive and Casual variants.
Cave's Caves for Portal 2

Cave's Caves

Map for Portal 2
Survive the abandonned test gauntlet underneath Aperture, buried inside what became known by staff as 'Cave's Caves'. Entered into the Thinking With Portals 2012 Summer Mapping Contest.
Core Civ for Portal 2

Core Civ

Map for Portal 2
Within the walls of Aperture, a series of Personality Spheres have carved out their own testing tracks. Entered into the Thinking With Portals 2011 Mapping Contest.

Source Engine

Kojima Drive

Kojima Drive

Cohort-wide game project
Multiplayer driving-party game! Our group worked on the 'Parallel Parkour' and 'Target Gliders' gamemodes, and I authored systems for postfx, artist-driven transitions, menus, HUD, player progression and promo art. Created by the BSc Games Technology final year cohort 2016/2017.
Cool Egg On The Run

Cool Egg On The Run

ZX Spectrum style endless-climber
Cool Egg is trapped inside the omelette factory! Can you help him climb his way out of this lethal labyrinth? I authored the level loader, scrolling, and visual effects. Created during a game jam for the CGD module of BSc Games Technology, and exhibited at the PC Gamer Weekender 2017.
. Playable Alpha (.7z)
USB: Unknown Serial Battlegrounds

USB: Unknown Serial Battlegrounds

8-player cyber-security flag capture game
Play as virusses carried in on infected USB sticks and try to get the most data out of the Public Library Database before the system collapses. I authored the player, input systems, 'real world' and Aero Glass effects. Created for the UWE Cyber Security Jam 2017 - playable alpha coming soon.
Rewind System

Time Rewinding System

Customizable and efficient time control asset
Time Rewinding system for Unity 3D, packaged as a modular asset. Created for the Advanced Technology module of UWE BSc Games Technology.
PostFX Stack and Transitions

PostFX Stack and Transitions

Developer-driven post processing and transition system
Originally created for Kojima Drive, this system offers the usage of custom post-processing shaders in a standardized fashion, and their modification via developer-defined transitions that offer support for setting, lerping or curving of any material value. Coming soon to the Asset Store.
Whale Of A Time: Peace Whaler

Whale Of A Time: Peace Whaler

Reel-time Aeronautical Conservation Operations
Parody of Metal Gear Solid based on a randomly generated theme. I authored whale AI, menu interface and post-fx systems. Created during a game jam for the Commercial Games Development module of BSc Games Technology.
Jammin' All Night: Blood on the Dance Floor

Jammin' All Night: Blood on the Dance Floor

Disco Terminators VS Disco Boiz in: The Battle 4 Da Funk
Side-scrolling dance-em-up in the style of Streets Of Rage. I authored the difficulty scaling system and item sprite art. Created during a game jam for the Commercial Games Development module of BSc Games Technology.

Unity Engine

'Tremor' Modular Software Platform

'Tremor' Modular Software Platform

Modular C++ software platform
'Tremor Engine' is a software platform intended to be familiar to developers experienced with Quake or Source engines. Authored as the dissertation project of BSc Games Technology, it features custom STL classes, maths library, OpenGL renderer, l10n library, DearIMGUI interface, dynamic library mounting system and more. Jan 2017 Demonstration - April 2017 Demonstration
SH Gauntlet

Sandwich Highway Gauntlet

C++ game using DirectX
C++ game making use of DirectX rendering and SFML sound. Featuring XML-driven GUI, customisable tilesets and sprite sheets, and bump-mapped light shading. I authored the XML interface, environment shader, event system, developer console and UI systems. Created for the Game Engine Architecture module of BSc Games Technology.


ASCII demake of VVVVVV
A take on the VVVVVV game concept with even simpler graphics than the original, Flip-Fall features support for XInput controllers and custom level packs. Created for the Entertainment Software Development module of BSc Games Technology.
Water Simulations

Water Simulations

DirectX Water Demo
A highly customizable water simulation demo, offering both sine-waves and verlet simulation. Created for the Simulated Worlds module of BSc Games Technology.
Huffman Compression

Huffman Compression

Text compression program
Huffman Compression text compression demo which doesn't save the entire tree, but rebuilds it at decompression time from a minimum viable set of data. Created for the C++ Development module of BSc Games Technology.
Lorenz Cipher Simulator

Lorenz Cipher Simulator

String encryption program
Simulation of the German Lorenz encryption cipher. Created for the C++ Development module of BSc Games Technology.


Lotus Space Station

Lotus Space Station

Escape a doomed mining base
A homage to System Shock, find the three Teleport Focus Crystals and install them to escape a doomed starbase. Created for the Simulated Worlds module of BSc Games Technology.
UE4 Fire Propagation

Fire Propagation System

Far Cry 2 style dynamic fire
Dynamically spreading fire system, which propagates across static environments. Created for the Advanced Technology module of UWE BSc Games Technology.
Miyance - GGJ2015 Tech-Demo


GGJ 2015 Demo
Switch between two dimensions to solve light puzzles, but don't stay in one for too long or you'll be trapped forever. Created for the Global Game Jam 2015.

Unreal Engine 4


VUtiful Joe

VU Meter Controller
Persistent application authored in C# Winforms, created to control analog VU Meters and volume knob on our custom Hi-Fi PC via an Arduino Uno.
SDKLauncher 2016

Portal:OI SDK Launcher

Launcher for Source Engine development apps
C# Winforms based launcher for development applications, used throughout the development of Portal: Outside Influence, and intended to be released alongside it for use by game modders. Also contains a Steam Workshop map upload tool.

Public Exhibitions

Work shown publicly at:
Develop Conference 2015 - Portal: Outside Influence
PC Gamer Weekender 2017 - Kojima Drive, Cool Egg On The Run & Portal: Outside Influence


Available for freelance, part-time or remote work

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